Video Live Straming Android Flutter Application & IOS


Admin panel
For demo Click here


password: 123456

For demo Click here


password: 123456

 MVVM with Android Architecture Components
 Dagger 2 for Reliance Injection
 Clean Law
 Bus Import Movie & Serie & Upcoming Informations
 Important Admin Panel With VueJs
Easy to reskin
 Material Design.
 UI optimized for phone and tablet
 App support Pictures, Series, Streaming, Animes
. Pictures List Inside Player
 Interstitial Admob
 Facebook Audience Network
 Important UI Beautiful and ultramodern design.
 Register Runner – Capability to register a new account.
Login Runner – Capability for druggies to log in
 Search Runner – Added capability to search for vids
 Toasts & Cautions – Added capability to display cautions, Toasts, success, crimes, ladings, and more.
 Paypal & Stripe payment gateway
 Sequestration Policy Runner
 About Us Page
 Search Page
 Genres Page
MyList Page
 Wifi-Only (ON/ OFF)
 Announcements (ON/ OFF)
 AutoPlay – (ON/ OFF) Play Coming Media ( Movie or Occasion)
 Trailer Preview

 Admin Panel (PHP Laravel) Features
VueJS Framework
 Statistical Dashboard ( Movie-Serie-LiveTV)
 Add, Edit, Update, Cancel Movie
. Add, Edit, Update, Cancel Serie
. Add, Edit, Update, Cancel LiveTV
. Add or Upload Media ( Movie, Serie, LiveTV)
. Settings (ON/ OFF) Subtitles
 Settings( ON/ OFF) Admob Banner & Interstitial
 Settings (ON/ OFF) Facebook Followership Interstitial & Banner
 Settings (ON/ OFF) Anime
 Druggies Operation (Edit or Cancel or Update or Upgrade Stoner)
 Announcement Director Operation( Google Ad Manager, the Google AdSense network, or any VAST-biddable announcement garçon)
. Stripes Operation ( Add Custom Genre or Grabe Auto From TMDB)
 Rates Operation
 Report ( Movie or Serie)
 Add, Edit, Update, Cancel Seasons & Occurrences
. Add, Edit, Cancel Media for Movie, Series, LiveTV
. Announcement Push
 Logo Upload – Upload Totem via a dashboard.
IMDB COVER PATH – change cover path quality
 Featured Particulars – change particulars figures
 Coming Media Play Timekeeper Change – change particulars figures
 and Numerous Further …


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